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  • SabienWhen I look back at my flight training at CAE Phoenix a smile appears on my face. Living in the USA and flying every day was a fantastic experience. With all the latest technology and knowledgeable professional instructors I know that I have been well prepared for the next step - flying for an airline.

    Sabien Wedman
    CAE Amsterdam
    Pilot Cadet

  • Brussles-testimonialI completed the course at CAE Brussels in June 2012, and got interviews for three different airlines between August 2012 and January 2013. The three interviews were successful and I eventually chose to start with the company giving me the opportunity to start flying straight away. This is how I joined Volotea, a Spanish company operating short- to medium-haul routes across Europe with a fleet of Boeing 717s.

    CAE helped me in many ways to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. The theoretical training was given by airline pilots sharing their experience with us, which was definitely a plus. The training was also "airline selection oriented", since we got tests each week containing open questions similar to those asked during interviews for airlines.

    The practical training in Arizona was amazing. We had the chance to learn to fly with highly-experienced instructors on a fleet of modern aircraft perfectly maintained by a professional team. Flying every day in America was an experience I will never forget. The final part of the training was delivered on full flight simulators in Brussels and the emphasis was put on basic flying skills and on working as a crew.

    This helped me during selections since the open theoretical questions were of no surprise and I always got positive feedback on my manual flying skills during simulator assessments. I flew my first flight on the Boeing 717 a few days ago and I really had the feeling that all this happened thanks to the school. I am very grateful to them and I will never regret my choice of choosing them for my flight training. On top of all of this, the school got me 2 interviews out of the 3 thanks to their close connections with airlines. No wonder that CAE Brussels' employment rate is getting close to the 90 percent!

    Renaud Gobert

    CAE Brussels
    B717 First Officer, Volotea

  • Gondia-testimonial“I am really excited to begin my pilot career. I have always dreamed of becoming a pilot and CAE Gondia helped me fulfill my wish. The training I received has prepared me well and I am happy to be joining SpiceJet, right here in India”.

    Shivani Reddy
    CAE Gondia
    SpiceJet First Officer

  • Lars Van OmmenI began my commercial pilot training in October 2009, and I was impressed with the professional approach of CAE Amsterdam right from the start. The ground school instructors are very dedicated and most committed - always doing their best to achieve optimal results for the students. This professionalism continued throughout my practical training at CAE Phoenix. There I had my best experiences and will never forget my solo flights. I experienced the ultimate feeling of freedom during flight training.

    Lars van Ommen
    CAE Amsterdam
    Pilot Cadet