• CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Phoenix

    CAE is the world’s most trusted aviation training provider. Approximately 100,000 crewmembers train with CAE annually and we serve more than 3,400 airlines, aircraft operators and manufacturers across the globe. The CAE brand is recognized for its integrity and commitment to quality. Cadets who join CAE Oxford Aviation Academy join a global organization recognized for offering the highest level of quality and the largest range of opportunities to aspiring pilots.

  • Advanced Training Methods

    CAE has shaped the aviation training industry since 1946. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy has access to resources normally available only to Airlines and Militaries throughout the world. From the effective use of simulation to the most advanced Computer Based Training and proven training techniques, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy makes world class training available to the aspiring pilot.

  • Professional Airline Environment

    Students and Airlines around the globe choose CAE for ab-initio (entry level) training because our professional airline training environment builds the attitudes and habits on which successful careers are built. Our fully deployed Safety Management System (SMS) and Quality Management System (QMS) allow for continuous process improvement. Students are immersed in this environment from the first day of training and take these attitudes and habits with them to their respective employers.

  • Financial Stability

    Flight Training is a substantial investment, and choosing CAE Oxford Aviation Academy will allow you to train with confidence. CAE is a global company with $1.6 billion in revenue annually. Because CAE is traded on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges (TSX: CAE; NYSE: CAE) you have insight into the financial health of CAE not available at other academies. CAE financials are available online at: http://www.cae.com/en/investors/home.asp.

  • Relationship with Airlines

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy graduates have more job opportunities than graduates of any other Academy. CAE has long-term relationships with most airlines around the globe and assists graduates with placement. CAE is in the best position to help you capitalize on your training investment.

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