• Airline Pilot Development Program

    Our primary aim through our unique Airline Pilot Development Program is to provide an innovative set of high quality, value added features that work in combination with the core pilot training course to:

    1. Ensure that we take into training only those students with the core qualities needed to succeed in the airline industry.
    2. Develop a unique set of additional personal skills that enhance readiness for an airline career.
    3. Provide significant financial security during training.
    4. Support our graduates into airline employment as First Officers
  • Airline Pilot Assessment

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy’s Skills Assessment ensures we identify those individuals most likely to succeed in airline pilot training and then into a professional flying career.

    Skills Assessment takes place over one day at our Airline Careers and Assessment Centre at Oxford Airport, using specifically developed and validated methodologies and tools.

  • Airline Pilot Development

    This innovative program provides the addition of exciting and inspiring personal development training over and above the core flight and ground training required for pilot licence issue. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Oxford includes as integral components of the APP First Officer Program:

    • First Officer Fundamentals training (2 x 1 week modules)
    • A Degree in Air Transport Management from Bucks New University
    • Upset Recovery Training (aircraft and simulator)
    • Airline career training
    • Interview skills training workshops
    • CV writing workshops and employment support
  • Airline Pilot Recruitment

    Our overall aim is to ensure that we provide the best possible support and assistance to our students from the moment they first consider an airline career to the time they achieve it. For our partner airlines, our focus is to ensure that they can be confident they will be recruiting a well-trained and properly prepared First Officer for type training.

    Our dedicated Graduate Services team leads post-course airline recruitment commitment for self-sponsored students, including the following activities:

    1. Identification and facilitation of airline employment opportunities for our APP First Officer graduates.
    2. Close liaison with airlines to identify potential candidates for employment.
    3. Provision of post-graduation advice and support to CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Graduates.