Professional airline pilots have been trained at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy’s Oxford flight school since 1963. With 26,000 cadet pilots trained for 80 different airlines and Government bodies, this rich pedigree has made Oxford the first choice for many aspiring airline pilots as a centre of excellence to which airline employers turn again and again to secure well-trained graduates.

    At Oxford we are committed to:


    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy pilot training programmes have been designed in consultation with European airlines on their exact needs in order to prepare a well-motivated individual for aircraft type training and the role of a First Officer upon graduation.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Our instructors come from a wide and varied range of professional aviation backgrounds - commercial airline pilot careers, corporate aviation and military flying. With over a million hours of instructor experience between them, they have unparalleled expertise and commitment to benefit our cadets.

  • Helping graduates to maximise their potential

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Oxford offers a unique Airline Pilot Development Programme that serves to enhance the training experience. In addition to delivering premier pilot training, we offer innovative support in three key additional ways:

    1. Airline Pilot Assessment
      Identifying and selecting individuals with the core qualities and capabilities necessary to succeed in both training and the airline pilot career.
    2. Airline Pilot Development
      Additional personal, professional, commercial and service-focussed skills training designer to prepare our graduates to fly as First Officers in a customer-focussed airline environment.
    3. Airline Pilot Recruitment
      A dedicated Graduate Services team providing pre-employment support, guidance and advice to enable our graduates to gain their first professional flying role.

    These programme features are designed to both protect your training investment and ensure that you leave us with a finely developed skill-set, gaining not only Skills for Flight, but also the leadership, teamwork and communication competencies in preparation for the role of First Officer.

  • Training Facilities

    Our training centres feature sports, fitness and leisure facilities and a range of student dining options.

    Our students enjoy excellent training facilities including; state of the art classrooms, a bespoke online Learning Management System (LMS) and a fully instrumented fleet of training aircraft and simulators.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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