• Type Rating Training

    CAE offers pilots one of the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive type rating training programs, covering a wide spectrum of commercial aircraft types. CAE’s type training programs combine CAE’s innovative methodologies, knowledgeable instructors and advanced simulation technology for a truly unique learning experience. CAE trains pilots using a practical and operationally integrated learning approach with all training carried out using computer-based training tools, flight training devices and Level C and D full-flight simulators.

    Standard Type Rating Course Footprint

    Technical Ground Course Aircraft Systems CBT
    Mass & Balance / Performance
    8 hours /2 sessions: Flight Training Device
    Duration: approximately 13-15 days
    Simulator Training 4 hours /1 session: Flight Training Device 36 hours /9 sessions: Full Flight Simulator License Skills Test
    Minimum 4 hours per crew
    Aircraft Base Training 6 landings required in aircraft. Further information provided by your chosen CAE training centre.
    Total Course Duration Approximately 4-6 weeks at training center
    Available Aircraft Platforms ATR 42/72
    DASH8 Q400
    DASH8 Q100/300
    SAAB 340
    SAAB 2000
    CRJ 200, CRJ700/900
    EMB 170/190
    Dornier 328
    Fokker 50
    Fokker 70/100

    Our type training footprints vary according to centre and national regulatory approvals but you can rest assured that all of our training meets the highest standards of quality and safety, fully preparing you to fly your chosen aircraft.

    Download the Type Rating Training brochure or visit CAE's website for further information.