• Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training

    The modern airliner flight deck has changed significantly over the past decade whereas the route to training airline pilots has changed little from the traditional route outlined in Annex 1 of the Chicago Convention, 1948.

    An ICAO study, commissioned in 2004, reviewed the regulations, structure and methodology by which airline pilots were trained and a new philosophy for better training and preparing pilots for the modern Multi-Crew environment was born, in the form of the Multi-Crew Pilot Licence, in 2006.

    Our Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training course incorporates airline specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) from an early stage in training and this requires an airline to mentor pre-selected cadets through a bespoke course and into type, base and line training on a specific aircraft; taking about 18 months to achieve licence issue, from where line training and employment with the mentoring airline commences.

    Each MPL course is bespoke to a particular partner airline and designed for a specific fleet.

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