• Part 61 Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course

  • Course Highlights

    Location: Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne
    Duration: 2 weeks full time
    Cost: $5,500 + GST
    When: Course dates are flexible based on demand.
    (Please note however that places on courses are subject to an even number of students.)
    Contact: Email melbourneacademy@cae.com or call (03) 8587 3900

    Course Outline

    Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) training is required for pilots operating a multi-crew certificated aircraft under CASA Part 61 Regulations. The MCC course of training is generic to conducting multi-crew operations and is not specific to a type of aircraft.

    The CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Melbourne (CAE OAAM) MCC course content meets CASA requirements described in the Part 61 Manual of Standards – Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC).


    At successful completion of the syllabus of training the student will receive a Part 61 Multi-Crew Cooperation completion certificate as evidence that training has been completed to the required standard.

    This certificate may be presented to a flight examiner prior to undergoing an ATPL or MPL flight test, or prior to the applicant’s first multi-crew type rating flight test as proof of successful completion of MCC training.

    Teaching methods

    • Classroom teaching
    • Pre and Post-flight briefing
    • Practical Flight Instruction in flight simulation training device
    • Role-play of simulated flight and ground instructional sequences


    A flight test is not required on completion of this course, however all applicants must demonstrate competency in specified elements and performance criteria to be awarded a certificate of completion.

    Competency standards required by CASA for the successful completion of MCC training are described in the CASA Part 61 MOS, Schedules 1, 2 and 3.

    AHFC ATPL Human Factors
    MCO Manage flight during multi-crew operations


    The MCC course comprises both academic and practical training.

    Academic lessons focus on aviation medicine, human information processing, human behaviour, flying and health, and CRM and TEM concepts and their application to operations in a multi crew environment.

    Practical training will be conducted in a CRJ-200 Genjet FSTD certified to Level B standard.

    The course footprint comprises:

    • Five days academic training in a classroom
    • Total academic training hours 35 hrs
    • Simulator training comprising 5 x 4 hour sessions
    • Total simulator hours 20 hrs (10 hrs PF and 10 hrs PM)

    Course Duration

    2 weeks full-time

  • Selection Process


    Applicants who require MCC training to qualify for an initial type rating on a multi-crew aeroplane must meet the following minimum prerequisites;

    • Hold a valid PPL with Instrument Rating Multi Engine Endorsement (A)
    • Hold a valid CPL with Instrument Rating Multi Engine Endorsement (A)

    Applicants who are converting a foreign licence to a CASA licence and require MCC training must meet the following;

    • Hold a CASA Certificate of Validation with appropriate qualifications.
    • Please contact CASA and /or the relevant Aviation Authority.

    Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    Applicants who are enrolled in an integrated ATPL course, or have completed ATPL studies may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning in relation to Unit 1.6.3 AHFC – ATPL Human Factors.

    In order to be considered for RPL the applicant must produce evidence that he/she has scored a Pass in the CASA Aeronautical Exam Unit AHUF – ATPL Human Factors.

  • Course Fees

    Reduced Price; $5500.00 + GST.

    A 10% deposit of $500.00 will be required to be paid to confirm a place on the course. All course fees will be required to be paid prior to course commencement.

  • Apply

    If you meet the above eligibility criteria please submit an application via the CAE OAA web portal at this link - https://coaa.rtomanager.com.au/

    Please ensure that you upload all required documentation to your application as listed below;

    • Photo identification
    • Pilot Licence
    • Certificate of Validation (International applicants)
    • Last 3 pages of logbook
    • CASA Aeronautical Exam Unit AHUF – ATPL Human Factors
    • Letter of previous experience from Chief Pilot

    Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a member of the Student Services team to discuss your enrolment.

    If you require to contact a member of the Student Services team to discuss the course details further please email melbourneacademy@cae.com or call (03) 8587 3900.

  • Accommodation

    CAE OAA may be able to offer student accommodation for the duration of the course, dependent on availability. If you would like to enquire about available accommodation please email melbourneacademy@cae.com or call (03) 8587 3900.

  • Additional Information

    For more information on the Multi Crew Cooperation course delivery under the Part 61 CASA Regulations please visit the link below;