• How to Enrol

    There are 3 main pathways that aspiring pilots can follow to pursue a career as a professional pilot with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Melbourne

    1. University Pathway
    2. Cadet Pilot Pathway
    3. Modular Pilot Training Pathway

    Entry Requirements

    The application process and minimum entry requirements for our pilot training pathways vary. All University and Airline Cadet programs also require the completion of a Skills & Aptitude Assessment in order to gain entry so please check the relevant sections of our website for more details.

    Skills & Aptitude Assessment – General Information

    The first step for aspiring professional pilots is to undertake our Skills & Aptitude Assessment process.

    Completed over either a 1 or 2-day period at our training centre at Moorabbin Airport, the assessment is intended to identify individuals whom we believe have the necessary skills, aptitude and personal characteristics to succeed during ab initio training and subsequently in airline type endorsement training and employment.

    Skills & Aptitude Assessment is a comprehensive process - but by no means a daunting one. Using tools and methodologies specifically developed and validated to meet airline needs, the procedure provides a fully objective assessment of a candidate's potential.

    Conducted by a specialist team of assessors, the range of tests is comprehensive and ensures that each candidate has the opportunity to demonstrate both capacity and capabilities across a range of relevant skills.

    The assessment process covers

    • Pilot aptitude - hand/eye co-ordination, motor skills and spatial awareness
    • Academic, mathematical and technical knowledge
    • Psychometric assessment
    • Team working skills
    • Leadership potential
    • Communication abilities
    • Personal qualities
    • Motivation towards the career as a professional pilot

    Skills & Aptitude Assessment is specifically designed to allow for wide variations in experience, culture and background. Potential candidates need not be concerned that lack of flying experience or limited academic achievement will necessarily prejudice their prospects of success. Candidates are carefully briefed prior to all tests and we take great care to ensure that the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and enjoyable.

    Candidates who are successful through our Skills & Aptitude Assessment may be offered a place on one of our training programs.

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