In order to be considered for the Jetstar Cadet Program, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Australian citizen or permanent resident
    • Aged over 18 years on commencement of training
    • Capable of holding a CASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
    • Capable of holding an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
    • Completed Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or equivalent
    • VCE Units 3 & 4 - a study score of at least 20 in English (any) and Further Mathematics or equivalent
    • Successful completion of CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's Skills Assessment

    Candidates who meet the above minimum entry requirements are invited to submit an application via the application portal. Due to the high volume of applications received a structured screening and skills assessment process is conducted.


    Your application will be reviewed by our assessment team against the application prerequisites. The assessment team will also review your experience and motivations for wanting to undertake the program. On conclusion of this review you may be invited to participate in Step 2 -the Skills Assessment process.


    The Skills Assessment is a two part process normally conducted over two days as outlined below:

    Part 1 – ADAPT Online Assessment

    The purpose of this assessment is to find out if you are right for a job with the airline: There a number of elements that can make up the ADAPT Online package and you will be required to complete a selected combination of the following elements:

    • Maths
    • Physics
    • Aviation Knowledge
    • Cognitive skills
    • Coordination and Control
    • Technical aptitude
    • ADAPT Personality Questionnaire

    If you meet the required benchmark standard in each test and overall you will be invited to participate in Part 2 of the Skills Assessment process.

    Note: An assessment fee of approximately $150 will apply.

    Part 2 - Group Exercises and Interview

    The group exercises test your skills in problem solving, verbal reasoning, communication, team work and group discussion.

    The group exercises are followed by a 20 minute individual behavioural based interview with at least 2 assessors. The interview is designed to examine the candidate’s motivation and suitability for a career in commercial aviation.

    If you are selected as a successful candidate at the end of the Skills Assessment process, you will progress to Step 3.


    Candidates who have successfully completed Step 2 will be referred to Jetstar for a final panel interview. This interview is conducted by Jetstar personnel and the interview may cover all aspects of steps 1 and 2 plus an emphasis on motivation and cultural fit with Jetstar.

    To prepare for enrolment in any aviation program, it is advisable to research the CASA website to understand the process of obtaining a Pilot Licence. It is also recommended to obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) and CASA Class 1 Medical Certificate as these are pre-requisites to commencing flight training.

    If you have never flown before, you are encouraged to undertake a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy to get a better understanding what is involved in training to become a professional pilot.

    Interested in applying? View details of the training fees and funding.