• Information for Parents

    CAE is recognized for providing safe, state-of-the-art ab initio training for those aspiring to become pilots. With flight schools on four continents, we are the largest ab initio flight school network in the world.

    CAE is committed to providing our cadets with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them safely and efficiently fly aircraft for commercial airlines around the world. Our ab initio training programs are taught by hands-on, expert instructors who bring real world experience into the classroom learning environment. Our classrooms and flight training facilities are equipped with the latest technology, applying the latest industry guidelines and regulations.

    Each Phase of training is supervised to ensure safety is never compromised. In fact CAE is the first ab initio flight school network in the World to operate aircraft equipped with custom flight data management systems and traffic awareness technology. These systems record data, audio and video during flight and are important new additions to CAE's Safety Management System (SMS). The recorded information will be replayed through the CAE Flightscape Insight flight data analysis software which will enable students to debrief immediately after a flight using flight animation with synchronized audio/video and will allow CAE to gather statistical trends for longer term safety and performance benefits.

    Upon completion of training, we work with each cadet to help them gain employment. As a training leader in the industry our pilots are sought after to join airlines located around the world.

    We are committed to working with you and your son or daughter every step of the way to ensure their dream of becoming a pilot is fulfilled.

  • Testimonial from a Parent

    Michel Van Den MeersschautI would like to congratulate and thank everyone at CAE for the marvellous time my son had during his training. This could never have been possible without the CAE team’s personal dedication and care, as it can’t be underestimated how much work such an organization needs to put it. Also the way in which instructors (often retired pilots) want to share their experience, passion and stories with the students is just....fantastic”.

    Michel Van Den Meersschaut
    Father of Brussels Graduate Brian Van Den Meersschaut