• IndiGo CADET PILOT PROGRAM – International Pathway

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is proud to partner IndiGo in the delivery of a new pathway for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program; the International Pathway. Selected cadets will train across two of CAE OAA’s Academies in India and Australia. This self-sponsored International Pathway is jointly designed by CAE and IndiGo to enable you to train for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and an Airbus A320 Type Rating with CAE before going on to fly as an A320 First Officer with IndiGo.

    View the IndiGo Program Outline for the International Pathway.

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  • The successful candidates from the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program – International Pathway written exam - 11th December 2016:
    1. I-NFTI-Mar17-0002
    2. I-NFTI-Mar17-0012
    3. I-NFTI-Mar17-0023
    4. I-NFTI-Mar17-0024
    5. I-NFTI-Mar17-0025
    1. I-NFTI-Mar17-0027
    2. I-NFTI-Mar17-0034
    3. I-NFTI-Mar17-0035
    4. I-NFTI-Mar17-0036
    5. I-NFTI-Mar17-0040
    1. I-NFTI-Mar17-0041
    2. I-NFTI-Mar17-0043
    3. I-NFTI-Mar17-0050
    4. I-NFTI-Mar17-0057
    5. I-NFTI-Mar17-0064
    1. I-NFTI-Mar17-0068
    2. I-NFTI-Mar17-0070
    3. I-NFTI-Mar17-0071
    4. I-NFTI-Mar17-0072
    5. I-NFTI-Mar17-0075