• 102 CAE graduates have joined IndiGo as Junior First Officers since March 2014.


    A Long Standing Partnership

    Building on our long standing partnership, IndiGo has selected CAE as one of the launch partners for its new Indigo Cadet Pilot Programme; the International Pathway.

    Since 2011, CAE has been a preferred training supplier of the leading airline, covering a wide range of training programmes, including ab- intio and type training. To date, CAE has trained more than 250 cadets for IndiGo.

    Pilot Training Pathways

    The IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program can be completed following one of the two following pathways;

    About IndiGo

    IndiGo, India’s largest and fastest growing low-fare Airline, is on a very dynamic growth trajectory. IndiGo placed an order of 100 Airbus in 2005 and then began its domestic operations in August 2006 before expanding to international operations on 1st September, 2011. IndiGo further placed a firm order with Airbus for 180 A320 Family aircraft in 2011 and 250 A320 neo in 2015. To support their dynamic growth, IndiGo has an ongoing requirement to recruit newly-trained cadets.