Our dedicated Graduate Services team provides pre-employment support, guidance and advice to enable our graduates to gain their first professional flying role.

    Our overall aim is to ensure that we provide the best possible support and assistance to our students from the moment they first consider an airline career to the time they achieve it. For our partner airlines, our focus is to ensure that they can be confident they will be recruiting a well-trained and properly prepared First Officer for type training.

    Our dedicated Graduate Services team delivers post-course airline recruitment commitment for self-sponsored students, including the following activities:

    1. Identification and facilitation of airline employment opportunities for our Airline Pilot Career Programme graduates.
    2. Close liaison with airlines to create dedicated training schemes and to identify potential candidates for employment.
    3. Provision of post-graduation advice and support to graduates.

    Forward thinking airlines also seek to fill a portion of their future pilot vacancies through pre course recruitment, wherein they work with CAE to pre-select cadets and either mentor or sponsor them through training.

    Current airline cadet programs are routinely advertised on our website with the following being the most recent announcements: