• Modular Training

    In the early days of aviation, aspiring airline pilots could achieve their goal by a method known as the "self-improver route". This was based on individuals gaining experience and flying hours by starting on basic aircraft and gradually working their way through the various licences until eventually gaining an airline transport pilot's licence (ATPL).

    When harmonised European pilot licensing was created, this route was formalised. The self-improver route re-emerged as the Modular Route, thus once again allowing pilots to pursue their ATPL by undertaking individual modules, with no restrictions as to where and when each module was completed, provided that the schools involved were certified to deliver Modular training.

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy was one of the first training organisations in Europe to receive such certification. Since the introduction of the new licence in 1999 over 1,500 modular students have trained at Oxford and our "Virtual College" - an online support facility for distance learning students - reached the finals of the Flight International Aerospace Industry Awards in 2000.

    Whilst the Modular route may be less expensive than Integrated training, you need to achieve higher grade results if you are to maximise employment opportunities. Much will depend upon your training record, together with the known quality and established reputation of the training organisation you use. The licence qualification at the end is only part of the story. To prospective airline employers, almost equally important is how you got it, and by undertaking all of your training with CAE, your chances of successful employment will be enhanced.

    Modular courses of training are designed for individuals who do not wish to undertake a full-time course of Integrated training or who are unable to do so for personal, family, or other reasons. They also suit those who wish to 'stagger' their training by completing 'Modules' over a period of time having already gained the pre-entry requirement of a Private Pilot's Licence.

    If you do elect to follow the modular route, it is advisable to try to use the same training organisation to ensure consistency of training and accurate recording of your achievements. We offer the key components of professional pilot modular training: