• Why Choose CAE Oxford Aviation Academy?


    Drawing upon over 75 years of pilot training expertise, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (CAE OAA) is one of the leading and most respected flight schools in the world. With 7 global locations, CAE OAA is the largest ab initio flight training network in the world.

    Our cadet pilot training programmes provide airline structured and focused ab initio training to one thousand new pilots each year.

    Placement Rate

    No other flight training organisation places more pilots with airlines than CAE OAA.


    Innovation is central to our training philosophy at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. The design of our training programmes are market leading, and we pioneered the new Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) around the world. In addition, we use the latest technology and training equipment at our academies. Our aircraft are equipped with an electronic flight bag (EFB), a flight planning device found on commercial aircraft that has revolutionized the way the airlines’ manage documentation, manuals and various other formerly paper based items on the flight deck. Our students get to experience this technology first hand during their training at CAE OAA and this better prepares them for their career as a commercial airline pilot.


    Our tailored teaching approach, together with our friendly and knowledgeable instructors provide the perfect learning environment for those whose dream is to fly. Our instructors come from a broad range of professional aviation backgrounds - commercial airline pilot careers, corporate aviation and military flying.

    With over a million hours of instructor experience between them, they have unparalleled expertise and commitment to benefit you across all of the CAE training centres.

    Supportive Training Environment & Family Feel

    Student life at CAE OAA is one of our greatest attractions. We realise that a supportive group of like-minded people creates an inspiring and conducive environment for training and your future as an airline pilot. It is a very tight-knit community where students typically develop friendships with fellow students and staff which last a lifetime.

    CAE OAA prides itself on the success of our graduates and their reputation globally. Their successes are as important to the CAE OAA family, as they are to them. Throughout your studies at CAE OAA, you will feel like you are right at home and our team or instructors and staff will make you feel like family.

    My Journey with CAE OAA was an excellent experience from day one, and all the way through to easyJet. The training at CAE OAA was second to none. As well as the excellent training, I felt supported every day, and really made to feel part of a big family. I would not hesitate to recommend CAE OAA to anyone who wants to fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot.

    Ashley Pullen, easyJet First Officer

    Campus Training Centres

    Our training centres feature on-site halls of residence, sports, fitness and leisure facilities and a range of student dining options.

    Our students enjoy excellent training facilities including; state of the art classrooms, a bespoke online Learning Management System (LMS) and an aircraft fleet equipped with the latest avionic technology.

    Location & Campus Life

    We are located just outside the historical and beautiful city of Oxford. Our academy is located at Oxford Airport and is the perfect setting for an aspiring aviator.

    Global Aircraft Fleet

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy operates a comprehensive and well equipped fleet of over 165 training aircraft allocated across the global network. All aircraft are new generation trainers equipped with G1000 and students will enjoy air conditioning in our new Piper TXs in Phoenix, Arizona, your fair weather flying base.