• Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme

    The Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme is an innovative pilot training programme that for the first time, offers multiple training routes to become an easyJet pilot, via either a Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).

    Once selected by easyJet, aspiring pilots can follow one of three training routes, to reach their ultimate objective of becoming an easyJet co-pilot on an Airbus A320 aircraft.

    Pathways to Success

    1. CAE easyJet Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL)

    Applicants to the Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme who demonstrate a strong performance at selection by easyJet, will be admitted to the CAE easyJet MPL programme.

    The easyJet CAE MPL is a competency based programme that is designed especially for easyJet. Applicants are selected and mentored by easyJet throughout the 78 week course that includes aircraft type specific training, followed by line training with easyJet. Upon successful completion of the course, the CAE easyJet MPL programme guarantees a position as a first officer at easyJet, flying an Airbus A320 across Europe.

    Amy Johnson Initiative

    Female applicants to the CAE easyJet MPL will also have the opportunity to also apply to the Amy Johnson Initiative, a programme developed to offer women greater opportunities for entering the pilot community. The initiative is being promoted in partnership with the British Women Pilots’ Association. Female cadets who are selected may have their training loan underwritten by easyJet.

    2. CAE Integrated ATPL to MPL Upgrade

    Historically easyJet has exclusively offered secured cadet pilot positions to students who were pre-selected and who followed the MPL training route. The new Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme offers cadet pilot positions to aspiring pilots following the ATPL training route for the first time.

    Individuals who apply to the Generation easyJet Pilot Programme that perform well during selection, but who initially are not admitted into the CAE easyJet MPL programme, will be invited to enroll in the CAE Integrated ATPL course as easyJet “Tagged” students.

    Generation easyJet applicants “Tagged” by easyJet, who demonstrate superior performance during ATPL ground school will be eligible for an “upgrade” to the CAE easyJet MPL programme. The Integrated ATPL to MPL Upgrade scheme allows students to benefit from a significant reduction in course fees and gives them the certainty of joining easyJet at an early stage in their pilot training journey.

    3. easyJet “Tagged” CAE Integrated ATPL

    The easyJet “tagged” CAE Integrated ATPL pathway allows flexibility and enables candidates that were not selected for MPL to continue as a easyJet “tagged” cadet. With strong academic performance during ATPL ground school, students that go on to complete the CAE Integrated ATPL course meeting easyJet’s rigorous training standards can enter the A320 type rating training programme without further selection screening.

    4. “White Tail” CAE Integrated ATPL

    Lastly, pilots in training on the CAE Integrated ATPL programme that were not successful at the easyJet MPL selection or were not upgraded to MPL or “tagged” by easyJet at the end of ATPL ground school, can continue knowing that on completion of the training they will have another opportunity to undertake easyJet’s pilot screening and selection. If successful in this post training selection, they can move onto the A320 type rating for easyJet through the CAE easyJet Integrated ATPL programme. To date over 500 CAE easyJet Integrated ATPL programme graduates have gone on to become easyJet pilots.