• easyJet FAQs

    Am I eligible to apply if I do not have the unrestricted right to live and work in the UK, EU or Switzerland?

    No, all applicants must have the unrestricted right to live and work in the UK, EU or Switzerland to be able to apply.

    Can I apply for the programme if I already have extensive flying experience?

    To qualify for consideration for the MPL and MPL Upgrade options under the program, you must have no more than 85 hours of previous powered flight experience as a pilot or student pilot. Applicants with more than 85 hours of powered flight experience can still apply to the Generation easyJet programme, but will have to train on the Tagged White Tail route.

    Can I apply now and defer my start date for a year or so in order to finish University or other commitments?

    No, successful applicants do not have the option to defer a place on a training course for a year. The successful students must be available to commence training in the same year that they receive the offer of a place. The next course enrolments are scheduled from April 2016.

    How good does my English need to be for me to apply?

    The only specific English requirement is that you must have a secondary school English qualification equal to or exceeding a UK GCSE at grade C or higher. UK students take GCSE exams at age 16. Those who are not fluent in English may experience difficulties with the aptitude testing because it is conducted entirely in English.

    Is previous flight training experience or a PPL required?

    No. Whilst PPL experience can sometimes be a useful indicator of an applicant's interest in flying, we do understand that many applicants may not have had the means, or opportunity, to take flying lessons and the course structure reflects this.

    Must I already possess an EASA Class 1 Medical to apply?

    No, but to enter training, a cadet pilot must hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate.

    I already have a CPL/IR or ATPL. Am I eligible to apply?

    No. This Programme is designed to identify students for an ab initio training programme that must be completed in its entirety. Individuals already holding a CPL/IR or ATPL or those who have already completed any of the 14 ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations may not apply. Individuals who already have more than 85 hours powered flight time may only apply for the Tagged White Tail route.

    Can I apply if I previously applied for the CAE/easyJet MPL FIRST OFFICER Programme?

    Candidates who were unsuccessful through previous phases of applications on the CAE / easyJet MPL Airline Pilot programme will be eligible to apply.

    How can I apply?

    The first step in the selection process is to see if you match the eligibility criteria listed here and particularly the educational, maximum flying experience and citizenship requirements. If you believe you fit the profile, then you are invited to complete and submit the on-line application form.

    Please note that applications to be considered for the programme are only possible through the CAE web site. You cannot apply direct to easyJet; neither can you use e-mail, mail or fax.

    How can I best prepare for the skills assessment for this programme?

    CAE and easyJet have a strong preference for applicants whose natural aptitude, educational background and life experience have already prepared them for the rigours of the course so we do not recommend extensive preparation for the assessment. For those who have been out of school for a few years, however, it would be worth revising UK GCSE level mathematics and physics. 

    For this we recommend:

    • Completion of our mental maths training module which is free for you to access. Simply register an account at our CAE Oxford Interactive Learning website. Once you are logged in, you can access the mental maths quiz here. Please note that this Online CBT will run on any platform that supports the Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave Plugins. Further details are available on our support page. 
    • Purchase CAE Oxford Interactive Learning's Essential Mathematics and Essential Physics computer based training software on www.caeoxfordinteractive.com, or order by phone on +44 1865 844 290.

    It should go without saying that applicants should learn as much about easyJet as they can by researching the company and becoming familiar with their ethos, values, bases, fleet, timeliness record, financial performance and management structure, etc.

    How much will it cost me to apply?

    There is no fee required to submit the initial on-line application. In the event you are invited to attend for Stage 2 a fee of £100 will apply. If you are successfully selected to proceed to Stage 3 of the process, there will be an additional fee of £150.

    How will I be advised of my progress?

    On completion of each stage of the selection process, CAE will advise all applicants by email whether they have been successful or unsuccessful. The successful group will then be advised of arrangements for the next stage.

    If I am successful, will my training progress at CAE be monitored?

    During all stages of training, progress will be monitored by both easyJet and CAE. Though unlikely, airline support could be withdrawn in the event that such progress is judged unsatisfactory.

    If my application for easyJet is unsuccessful can I apply for the APP FIRST OFFICER course?

    Should you be unsuccessful in your MPL Airline Pilot Programme application, several other opportunities within the Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programmes may still be open to you. There are a limited number of seats on the easyJet MPL course, so the very best applicants will get them, whilst additional highly skilled applicants meeting easyJet’s standard will be offered the opportunity to join the APP FIRST OFFICER course as an easyJet Tagged White Tail student and some of these may later be upgraded to the MPL course at the end of ATPL Ground School. Furthermore, if you are not offered easyJet Tagged White Tail status, but you choose to undertake the APP FIRST OFFICER course as a self-sponsored student, you may still apply for an easyJet A320 Type Rating programme one more time at the end of your training provided you meet easyJet’s minimum training standards.

    What are my chances of success?

    We are looking for high calibre, well motivated individuals. The number of MPL course places available is limited, so inevitably not all of those who meet the initial selection requirements will be enrolled on the easyJet MPL programme but that should not discourage you from applying, as there are several other ways for you to eventually join easyJet.

    What happens after I submit my application?

    Full details on the application process and subsequent stages are available in our 'how to apply' section

    Can I make multiple applications to the easyJet MPL Programme?

    No, you should only make one application to the Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme. In cases of multiple applications, easyJet will only consider your first application.