• Tight-knit community

    Five-student-friendsStudent life at CAE is one of our greatest attractions. We realise that a supportive group of like-minded people creates an inspiring and conducive environment for airline pilot training.

    While studying at CAE, you will be expected to work hard in your training but once you have succeeded in the ground school examinations or on that all-important first solo flight, your fellow students will be there to celebrate with you in the unique ways which have become a traditional part of the experience at CAE.

  • Pilot-Training-cadets-amsterdam

    Students graduating in Amsterdam

  • Oxford-students-celebrating-the-end-of-ground-school

    Students marking the end of Ground School in Oxford

  • Phoenix-splash

    Helping one student celebrate his first solo in Phoenix

  • Students-in-training-in-Gondia

    Students in training in Gondia

  • During your time with us, you will develop friendships with your fellow students and our staff which will last a lifetime.