• Graduate Career Services

    At CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Brussels we have placed 91% of our graduates. We prepare our cadets with the tools needed to prepare for any airline assessment including a 28 hours MCC/JOC course, Airline Selection Preparation Programme, airline interview skills training, airline visits and observation flights. Our graduates are currently flying for the Belgian, European and Asian airlines:

    We have been successful in placing our graduates despite the global financial crisis and we are confident that our reputation for training cadets to the highest standards will continue.

  • Graduate Support Services

    Due to CAE’s experience and expertise in the aviation training industry, we have excellent contacts with the 60 airlines who train their pilots at our Brussels center. Furthermore, our CAE Pilot Provisioning programme actively helps our graduates to find jobs upon completion of training.

    In order to support our graduates in securing their first flying position, we offer several additional services over and above a standard Integrated ATP training. These services are fully integrated into our training programme (no additional fees apply) and include the following:

  • Training Report to support job seeking activities

    Every graduate receives a comprehensive and clear overview of their training and performance in a stylish booklet format. Once the content has been approved by the graduate, we will distribute it to airline recruiters in our network and will provide you with copies to send to airlines of your preference.

    The Training report includes an overview of graduate performance in all aspects of training:

    A general assessment based on observations during the training

    • A description of the selection tests and results
    • A description of the theoretical results and personal evaluation by the Chief Ground Instructor.
    • A description of the flight training and MCC/JOC by the Head of Training.
    • Medical license and pilot license
  • Airline Interview Skills Training

    We want to support every graduate in the best way possible. During an airline selection process, a cadet is not solely evaluated based on flying skills but also in the way they present themselves, their resume and much more

    With this in mind, we offer an integrated Airline Selection Preparation Program as a standard part of training. This consists of training related to CV creation, interview skills, group test assessment skills, presentation skills and a range of tips, tricks and techniques to help graduates secure that first flying job.

  • Job allocation

    We will actively contact airline companies and scan the market in search of possibilities for our graduates.

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