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    Do I need to be completely fluent in English?

    YES and NO. All the courses are given in English. You need to be able to understand technical courses given in English and perform all radio communications in English. Through our partner "Elan Languages" you can test your level in advance, and if needed, follow a dedicated exam preparation course. See www.elanlanguages.com or contact them through email atkaris@elanlanguages.com, or by telephone at +32 (0)11 79 05 14.

    What happens if I fail one selection test?

    A candidate who fails to reach the required standard in one part of the assessment test will be disqualified from continuing with the rest of the tests. In some cases where a candidate achieves an average to good result, then the candidate will be permitted to continue so that the assessment board can come to an overall conclusion based on the complete selection process.

    Do Brussels graduates find a job easily?

    Of the 352 cadets graduated in our school from January 2004 to March 2015, 319 cadets were hired in an airline, this is 91%.

    Does the school guarantee a job at the end?

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Brussels sends students to all Belgian, several European and some Asian airlines because of our close cooperation with them in our simulator centre. But there is no job guarantee. At this moment, there are some contracts for regular/monthly numbers of hirings of our cadets with one European and one Asian airline. We will also give you all the tools you need to be as prepared as possible for any airline assessment:

    • 40 hours Simulator for the MCC/JOC course
    • Airline Selection Preparation Programme
    • Airline interview simulation
    • Airline visits
    • Observation flights

    For each of you, at the end of the training, we create a "Candidate First Officer"-file to distribute to airlines. This file is like your own portfolio; an extensive summary of your training at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Brussels, on all aspects.

    How can I prepare for the selection tests?

    Review secondary school physics course and English grammar. It is not possible to prepare in advance for the other tests. A good night’s sleep is the best advice we can give you. We organize a preparation physics course for everybody who registers for the selection tests (organized twice a year) for those who are interested.

    In case of failure, am I reimbursed?

    If a student should fail to reach the required standards and training ceases, students will be reimbursed for any training fees paid in advance which have not yet been utilized. Those who must cease training for medical reasons can claim the full amount of training fees from their loss of licence insurance providers.

    Is a high level of Math or Physics needed?

    NO. It was previously the case but now the content of the theoretical ATPL course is increasingly oriented towards the practical aspect of professional flying. A basic knowledge of Physics is required (secondary school level) and a scientific way of thinking. Use the exam requirements sheets for reference. You will need to know the formulas by heart; an advanced calculator or a formula-sheet (formularium) is not allowed.

    Is a self-sponsored type rating necessary?

    The need for a graduate to self-sponsor a Type Rating Course often varies from region to region, and just like the airline industry it fluctuates depending on market conditions. In Belgium more and more companies are recruiting their pilots immediately after they secure their ATPL and hence the airline provides the type rating. In other countries this may vary and it is possible that you would be required to fund a type rating to secure a first officer position at an airline.

    Is daily attendance at training mandatory?

    Yes, every weekday your presence is mandatory from 8:20 till 16:50.

    Is payment organized progressively?

    YES. Course fees should be paid in six installments at various stages of the training course.

    What happens if I fail progress checks?

    We organize weekly progress checks. The pass mark is 75%. If you frequently fail progress checks, the Chief Ground Instructor will meet with you in order to find a solution.

    What happens if I need extra hours?

    Student’s progress will be monitored throughout the course. Extra flying hours can be scheduled if the student requires them to reach the standards expected. The student will only incur additional fees if the additional training amount exceeds 5% of the standard course hours (as stipulated in the contract).

    What is the cost of the ATP(A) Integrated Course?

    € 104.500,00

    What is the pass grade for the selection tests?

    60%. Of all students starting their training our failure rate is close to zero. That’s because our selection tests give us a very accurate idea of the candidate’s capabilities.

    Why flight training in the USA?

    The weather is the main reason for this choice. The most important factor at the beginning of flight training is to have a regular flight schedule in which knowledge is accumulated on a daily basis. This gives 100% effectiveness to every single flight hour. Other reasons are the complex US airspace, the aviation oriented spirit and the huge number of airports. In addition, to that you have the chance to land at a major hub airport such as Phoenix, which would be completely impossible in Belgium. It is our strong believe that this personal development is a very important step towards your future career of leading a team and taking responsibility as an airline captain.

    Do I need to take out specific insurance for the duration of my Ab Initio training?

    CAE provides all basic regulatory insurance required throughout training. However we do advise that you take out additional insurance, including but not limited to: Loss of medical insurance and additional travel insurance for the USA.

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