• FPP with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

  • BA Future Pilot Programme Design

    The design for the BA Future Pilot Programme from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is split into two primary stages:

    • Integrated ATPL Training Course with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
    • Type Rating Training Course with BA Flight Training

    Integrated ATPL Training Course with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

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    The key components of our BA Future Pilot Programme are:

    • Fully Integrated EASA ATPL Airline Pilot Training course (delivered at both Oxford and Phoenix) leading to the issue of a Commercial Pilot's Licence with Instrument Rating and MCC certificate (known as a 'frozen ATPL').
    • Conversion training into multi-pilot operations through a bespoke Jet Operations Course (using BA Standard Operating Procedures) and completed in a Jet Simulator.
    • Upset Recovery Training (URT)
    • Living Arrangements

    Stage 1 - Ground Training

    ATPL Ground Training is conducted at our airline training centre at Oxford Airport.

    The first stage of theoretical training takes 15 weeks and is followed by internal CAE Oxford Aviation Academy examinations. These thoroughly prepare you for the first 7 ATPL examinations. After a short break, you complete the second 11 week stage followed by the remaining 7 ATPL examinations - again only after you have refined your skills in our internal examinations.

    All ATPL ground examinations are undertaken at Oxford Airport, which is an official UK CAA Regional Testing Centre.

    The first training modules of the Degree are introduced during the second stage of ATPL Ground Training. Additional self-study will be required for these modules and you will complete short examinations during the module. These training modules and examinations combined with the 14 ATPL ground examinations already completed provide you with 50% of the credits you require to complete the Degree.

    Passing all ATPL ground examinations is a pre-requisite to commencing your Foundation Flight Training in Phoenix.

    Listed below the subjects for each stage of ATPL ground training:

    Stage One Subjects

    1. Principles of Flight
    2. Aircraft General Knowledge - Systems
    3. Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation
    4. Human Performance
    5. Meteorology
    6. VFR Communications
    7. IFR Communications

    Stage Two Subjects

    1. General Navigation
    2. Radio Navigation
    3. Flight Planning
    4. Aircraft Performance
    5. Mass & Balance
    6. Operational Procedures
    7. Air Law

    Stage 2 - First Officer Fundamentals (Flight Safety)

    Before leaving Oxford for your Foundation Flight Training in Phoenix, you will complete a one week Module which includes essential training in:

    1. Flight safety and quality systems
    2. Communication and team skills
    3. Dealing with conflict and conflict resolution
    4. Regulatory requirements
    5. Operations and training manuals
    6. Performance calculations
    7. Stabilised approaches

    Stage 3 - Foundation Flight Training

    archerFoundation Flight Training is conducted in Phoenix, Arizona where the climate is ideally suited for this type of training. Aircraft, simulators and instructors are all first class, allowing you to concentrate on your training to be a BA pilot in a highly enjoyable environment which enables you to achieve that all-important continuity from day 1.

    During this 22-week stage you will complete a total of 121 hours of flight training in a single-engine aircraft, along with 10 hours in an FNPT II simulator culminating in 12 hours of flight training in a multi-engine aircraft before taking your multi-engine CPL Skills Test.

    During this stage you will receive Upset Recovery Training with our training partner APS. The UPRT programme is designed to teach pilots how to recognize, avoid and effectively recover from stalls, airplane upsets and a range of other unusual attitude situations, as well as enhance overall manual flying skills to improve safety of flight. Ground school and in-flight training using Extra 300L aircraft take place at APS’ school at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (the former Williams Air Force Base) in the United States.

    During this training stage, you will also complete additional training modules and examinations towards your Degree.

    By the time you return to the UK, you will be a competent multi engine professional pilot with a firm foundation in instrument flying capability.

    Stage 4 - First Officer Fundamentals (Airline Awareness)

    Upon return to Oxford Airport and prior to commencing the advanced instrument flight training stage, you will complete module 2 of First Officer Fundamentals in airline awareness which includes:

    1. First Officer responsibilities
    2. Crew Resource Management and other key team members within an airline
    3. Communication skills within a team
    4. Airline economics
    5. Environmental considerations
    6. Eco-pilot training

    Stage 5 - Advanced Instrument Flight Training

    seneca-vFrom this point forward you will be concentrating on developing your multi-engine EFIS equipped instrument flying skills in our multi-engine aircraft and simulators; flying in poor weather and within tightly controlled airspace amongst commercial airliner traffic.

    Being so centrally placed in the UK and well equipped with an ILS and RADAR, you will find Oxford Airport is well positioned for accessing the busy airways and the many highly challenging destinations - exactly what you need in order to prepare for your future BA career.

    Advanced flight training consists of 53 hours - divided between aircraft and simulator. Our high-fidelity simulators are perfect for the task in hand, enabling you to practise many procedures which cannot easily be undertaken in the actual aircraft.

    This stage culminates in the Instrument Rating Skills Test with a UK CAA Flight Examiner.

    During this stage you will also complete the final modules and examinations for your Degree.

    Stage 6 - Bespoke BA Jet Operations Course (JOC)

    The last four weeks of the course will consist of a bespoke British Airways Multi-Crew Cooperation and Jet Operations Course (MCC/JOC). This stage will teach you how to work in a Multi-Crew environment using BA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and how to operate a modern jet. The BA JOC includes all the regulatory requirements for the MCC qualification and also covers a much broader range of jet handling and operational procedures.

    You will fly realistic routes, using genuine BA operating procedures, all in our six-axis, full-motion Boeing 737-400 simulator. By the end of the 44 hour stage, (nearly three times the hours required to comply with regulatory requirements), you will be as well prepared as it is possible to be to move directly to airliner type specific training with BA Flight Training.

    Integrated ATPL Course with CAE Oxford Aviation Academy - Summary

    Training Activity Training Hours Duration (approx. weeks)
    ATPL Ground Training (Oxford) 760 26
    First Officer Fundamentals (Oxford) 50 2
    Degree (Oxford & Phoenix) Variable Integrated throughout
    Foundation Flight Training (Phoenix) 143 22
    CPL/MEP Skills Test (Phoenix) 2.5 N/A
    Advanced Flight Training (Oxford) 53 13
    MEP IR Skills Test (Oxford) 2.5 N/A
    Jet Orientation Course (inc MCC) 44 4
    Upset Recovery Training (Ground & Flight) 9.5 1
    Time off N/A 5

    Living Arrangements

    accomodationAccommodation is provided for all stages of the FPP training package delivered by CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. If you are living in our off-campus accommodation, you will be supported by our transport shuttle service. Meals at Oxford Airport are your personal choice and expense but are available at an on-site restaurant and cafe if required.

    Local Accommodation for the full 22 weeks will be provided by CAE Oxford Aviation Academy during your foundation flight training in Phoenix. During this phase, all students have access to a 24-hour fitness centre, outdoor swimming pools, BBQ facilities and shopping amenities which all located in or close to the accommodation facilities.

    Type Rating Training with BA Flight Training

    BA logoFollowing the completion of the Integrated ATPL Course in Oxford, as a BA Future Pilot Programme Cadet you will then proceed to undertake Type Rating Training with BA Flight Training on one of their short-haul aircraft types. The exact aircraft type will be confirmed by British Airways at a later stage.

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