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    Are you looking for the right tailor-made solution to train new cadets for your airline? Maybe you are looking for newly trained CPL / ATPL holders to meet current or future crewing requirements?

    CAE offers a seamless pilot training and recruitment solution characterized by innovative training methodologies, experienced instructors and a practical, operations-oriented learning approach to deliver capable and highly-qualified pilots to airlines around the world.

  • Integrated Pilot Training

    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy’s Integrated Airline Pilot Training Programmes provide high quality, focused ab initio training to aspiring pilots across the globe.

    Our programs combine premier ground school courses with high quality flying instruction delivered in accordance with national aviation authority requirements. However, we know that operating as part of a crew of a modern airline requires a unique set of skills and attributes that embrace all aspects of flying ability and personal aptitude. For this reason our training programs also incorporate many other elements which, when combined, go well beyond the minimum requirements for licence issue. The cadets graduating from our integrated courses have had training consistent with airline expectations and are well equipped to meet the challenges facing airline pilots today.

  • MPL Training

    Our Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training embraces modern training methods, utilising state of the art technology within a multi-crew environment to train ab initio pilots from zero flying experience through to qualification on type in full partnership with an airline.The MPL program is a competency based course of training where the student is continuously assessed against a clearly defined set of competencies at each phase of training. Significantly, the MPL program incorporates airline specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and the concepts of Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) from a much earlier stage in training.

  • Assessment and Selection

    We know that airlines are looking for a reliable source of new pilots – capable and trainable individuals who represent minimal training risk now and in their future careers.

    For this reason, we have developed and enhanced our pilot assessment and selection services over many years to help us identify, with the utmost degree of certainty, those applicants who are capable of completing pilot training to the highest professional standard and who demonstrate that they have the personal skills required to thrive in the modern flight deck environment. All of our cadets, regardless of the program that they undertake with us, complete skills assessment before gaining access to training. This ensures the quality of our graduates for airlines and operators across the globe.

    These assessment and selection services are also offered as a key component of all airline-sponsored or airline-mentored cadet training programs. A typical selection process involves the following stages:

    • Application Assessment
    • Aptitude Tests
    • Psychometric Tests
    • Team Exercises and Competency Based Interviews

    Assessment and Selection Services can be varied and tailored to meet an individual airline’s recruitment needs.

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